PCMA Tuesday/Wednesday

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I found myself saying several times a day, that I was having a great time at PCMA because I was learning so much. I think this is the conference to go to for suppliers breaking into the industry. The educational sessions are great and the other attendees are incredibly open. I think the education here is actually the most valuable thing I’m taking away–which says a lot given how much exposure our product has gotten.

Targeted Marketing
My favorite session for Tuesday was a panel for Maximize Attendance With Targeted Marketing. In particular, people should pay attention to what the Chicago Convention and Visitors Bureau is up to with social media. Check out their Twitter feed. The cool thing that they do is work directly with their biggest shows on social media strategy. And the strategy work they do is good–it works, they measure it, and it’s innovative. I was definitely impressed.

Return on Time (ROT)
There was some talk about how to make short heavy-impact meetings that fit into people’s busy schedules. I think of Return on Time (ROT) as Return on Investment (ROI) mixed with opportunity cost. It’s more of a concept to get people thinking about shorter meetings than it is a rigorous measurement methodology. The concept jives with the underlying goals of CrowdVine, to give more impact to time spent in networking and education by providing tools for intelligent preparation.

Facilities Fees
There’s a lot of stress between hotels and event planners due to the down economy. I hadn’t really understood until now that a lot of the facility fee is paid for with attendee hotel rooms and the event planner makes guarantees about hotel occupancy when they sign their contract. This seems sort of convoluted to me, why not have the entire facility fee be part of registration, but this is an area I really don’t know much about.

Generation Gaps
The Twitter back channel had a lot of chatter about generation differences and @jessicalevin had some of my favorite takes on this matter:

Everyone likes to mock Gen Y. Aren’t they a result of parenting by Boomers?

She also contradicted a favorite Gen Y stereotype about them being distracted multi-taskers. Maybe what looks like distraction is just an result of another Gen Y stereotype. They are demanding, and when you’re being boring, they demand something more interesting, something that just happens to be located on their phones. All this generation talk made me want to look up the definitions on Wikipedia. I’m at the tail end of Gen X, which means I have no excuse for checking my email during a slow session.

Big kudos to everyone involved in putting together PCMA. It was a huge production. I haven’t even touched on the entertainment side of the event.

PCMA Monday

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Inspirational speakers
Monday started with a show by the City of Dallas and then an great inspirational speech from Nancy Brinker on the power of one person in social causes. My favorite speakers are information-dense, but I’m observing that the best conferences make sure to bring plenty of inspiration. I was at a session later in the day on engaging educational experiences that touched on the need to hit people at multiple levels. Having a mix of speakers, some who can touch you emotionally, and some who touch you intellectually, definitely seems like something program committees should be consciously aware of.

Freeman Experiential Meeting Design
One of my rules of thumb for conferences is to avoid vocational sessions. If the topic is something I’m already doing, then the session is almost definitely going to feel to slow. Instead, I like to go to sessions that are completely outside of my expertise. On Monday, Freeman, the leading show production company, was giving tours of the setup they used for that morning’s general session. They had three 18′ tall HD screens, touch screens for the speakers, and individual staff for sound, lighting, set design, teleprompting, video cameras, video camera switching, video, graphics, and speaker prep. There are more details than you can imagine, and we got a nice explanation from the set designer of how little things like the color of the carpet on stage effect the overall experience.

Law of Two Feet
I found myself wondering what the etiquette was for leaving sessions. Unconferences and open space have a clear rule, The Law of Two Feet, which I love:

If at any time during our time together you find yourself in any situation where you are neither learning nor contributing, use your two feet. Go to some other place where you may learn and contribute.

Without a clear guideline, it feels like people would perceive you as rude for walking out in the middle of a session.

Meeting people
The CrowdVine find-people-via-your-address-book feature came in handy for me today. It turns out two of my favorite customers were at the meeting and I wouldn’t have noticed except that they popped up in my search. Monday was the first time we’d ever met face-to-face.

PCMA has come on strong with Twitter usage. They launched their Twitter account in June and now are big into it. We had a Tweetup with sixty or so people, including plenty of the PCMA staff. It’s nice to see the staff come out because they’re so busy and hidden during most of the conference.

Here are the official news highlights from PCMA TV: http://brightcove.com/services/player/bcpid60972845001

PCMA 10: Sunday notes

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Great first day for me–met lots of people.

Social media kiosks.
I got to the event early to volunteer in the social media kiosk booth. There wasn’t a lot of foot traffic, but the people who did come were mainly interested in CrowdVine (self-serving but true!). We do well with social media newbies because we can say what our purpose is.

New Member Orientation.
PCMA does a great job of welcoming new members. My local NorCal chapter didn’t just ask that I come their last chapter meeting, they demanded. Then when I got there the president-elect immediately introduced me to ten people. I think that’s so important–I arrived at this event knowing people. Sunday we had a new member orientation with two parts. The first was specific to suppliers where we got an entertaining lecture in how not to scare meeting planners. That advice was promptly ignored in the second half of the session when we actually got to mix with actual planners.

NorCal reception.
I ate a lot at the reception not realizing there was even more food to come. NorCal has a ton going on! I talked about Twitter with a lot of people. There’s definitely demand for another Twitter webinar if Jessica Levin will oblige.

Opening Reception.
Dallas went all out to impress the meeting planners. Did you know hockey has cheerleaders? They do in Dallas. I met all my social media and #eventprofs friends finally.

Other notes:

I have a hot tip for amazing cheese burgers: Twisted Root. The PCMA staff picked this up as a tip from the visitors bureau, tested it, and loved it.

I asked a lot of my questions from yesterday’s post, “Things I don’t understand.” Turns out those were things that nobody understands, especially the fragmentation of suppliers. It’s amazing that the average planner can’t say who the leading online registration provider is.

I heard great things about this upcoming webinar for March 3, Using Social Media in Meetings.

I think it’s fun how much pull the meetings industry has when they come to town. Lots of people give us freebies. One of my favorite scenes from the day was a bus load of folks returning from a successful Neiman Marcus shopping trip with massive discounts.

Things I don’t get (preparing for PCMA 10)

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I often feel like an outsider to the conference industry because all of my expectations were set by being in the worlds of consumer web startups and open source software. There’s good and bad in that.

I didn’t get sponsors and that was a good thing
The upside is that it’s easier to have a fresh perspective and to see opportunities for improvement.

For example, there have been two waves of event social network providers. In 2006 I covered Dreamforce as a reporter and joined their social network. There were ten-thousand attendees at the conference and three people on the network. All three immediately tried to sell me their products. The first wave was based on the premise that social networks were a good way for sponsors to contact attendees. For sponsors, it would be like shooting fish in a barrel. Unfortunately, the fish didn’t want to be in the barrel.

The second wave, which we kicked off in 2007, and now has (I believe) seven competing products, is characterized by being attendee-centric. We figure out what the attendees want (better networking, discussions, interaction with speakers, control over their schedule) and then make sure they’re happy. We see adoption rates in the 30-70% range. In other words, we would have expected at least 3000 people on that Dreamforce social network. We didn’t come up with this approach because we were smarter, we came up with this approach precisely because we were less-smart. We’d mainly experienced conferences as attendees of high-energy, high-passion, tech-centric conferences. We built the tool we would have wanted as an attendee. Sponsors weren’t part of the initial tool is because, well, we’d only had the attendee experience of trying to avoid them.

Things I don’t get
I know a lot more now than I did in 2007, but there’s still plenty of things that leave me confused. I’ve just arrived at the PCMA annual meeting for four days of conference-industry educational sessions and lots of networking with meeting planners (PCMA used CrowdVine). And I’m on a mission to get smarter. Here’s what has me confused:

Why are suppliers so fragmented? The most glaring example is online registration providers. I’ve heard there are more than 190. In our customer data, the biggest registration provider is EventBrite with maybe 5% of our customers. Really? This isn’t software that could be standardized and commoditized? I think this is bad for everything except keeping salespeople employed. It’s bad for decision makers. It’s bad for software quality. It just seems like a backward dynamic. Why don’t meeting planners pick and promote winners?

Why is customization so important? One of the reasons I’ve heard for the the industry having so many reg providers (and every other type of provider) is because every event has such different needs. Really? Wouldn’t many events benefit from working with software that has smart sensible defaults? One example I’m thinking of is event websites which often are extremely cluttered and hide the most pressing information (I often can’t find dates, location, or even the conference topic). Ask yourself how many navigation links on your event website and then compare that to the event Information Architecture annual summit (basically an association of experts on such things). They have seven navigation links. Your website probably has 20.

Where are the opportunities to make real impact? When the economy crashed, meeting industry leaders made a big PR push to make sure that everyone knew the value of conferences and events. Their biggest talking point was how many people the industry employs. I know the people who have jobs in this industry appreciated it–but I thought that talking point was incredibly demoralizing. Is this industry a giant high-carbon-footprint make work project? We love conferences because of the energy they generate and the way they spread new ideas. Those types of conferences have impacts on the world that we get excited about. I want to find more people that think that way and ask them how can we have more, better, more world-changing meetings? Can software help?

Why is everything so expensive? I once paid $200 to plug in a monitor for two hours. I know a company that charges $5k to turn on their API (consumer web app companies turn this on for free). Lunch is $80 per person. On the software side, I think this goes back to the point above, supplier fragmentation. All the suppliers have to rely on sales teams because each customer is won through one-on-one efforts. Those sales team salaries are paid for by meeting planners and attendees. I think this is a major road block for new meetings and independent organizers. Wouldn’t it be better if we measured IQ points added?

Expect plenty of blog posts and tweeting over the next week as I take my open source, tech-startup ideals to the experts. If you’re going to PCMA 10, here’s my CrowdVine profile. Make sure to say hello.

Top 100 Event Twitter Accounts

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Updated 11/6: New accounts, #friends, list memberships. See comments for details.

These are the top 100 event twitter accounts sorted by number of followers. We’ve been crawling Google and every event list we could find in order to get these. If you think we’re missing someone, leave us a note in the comments.

If you like this list, follow it on Twitter, @crowdvine/top-100-events. If you want to talk to someone about getting more Twitter integration into your event, send us an email, conferences@crowdvine.com. I’ve got three copies of The Twitter Book which I’ll give to the first three events that email us.

1. sxsw
SXSW | Austin, TX
Official user of the SXSW Music, Film and Interactive Conferences and Festivals
44734 friends | 604 updates | 837 memberships
2. twestival
Twestival | The Twittersphere
Global events organised *by* twitterers *for* twitterers. Connecting amazing people offline for a great cause. Join us in 2010 for Twestival Global.
6629 friends | 1820 updates | 217 memberships
3. w2e
Web 2.0 Expo | SF, NY, online…
Web 2.0 Expo event / community updates. http://blog.web2expo.com
21288 friends | 1613 updates | 208 memberships
4. sundancefest
SundanceFilmFestival | Park City, Utah
Welcome to the Official Twitter Feed of the Sundance Film Festival, presented by Sundance Institute.
275 friends | 232 updates | 330 memberships
5. BarCampParis
BarCamp Paris | Paris, France
Information sur les Barcamps et autres événements gratuits (ou presque) dans la région parisienne. (par @innomgmt et @jkloren)
17925 friends | 136 updates | 60 memberships
6. SFMusicTech
SF Music+Tech Conf | San Francisco, CA
We’re going to have some music/technology related parties and events in the fall…
10118 friends | 238 updates | 77 memberships
7. lollapalooza
Lollapalooza | Grant Park, Chicago
August 6-8, 2010
35 friends | 125 updates | 209 memberships
8. Comic_Con
Comic_Con | San Diego, CA
The OFFICIAL Twitter for Comic-Con!
0 friends | 533 updates | 365 memberships
9. BlogHer
BlogHer | Everywhere…
The community for women who blog
4407 friends | 1676 updates | 182 memberships
10. FranchiseExpo1
Franchise Expo Scott | Florida – New Jersey
FranchiseExpo.com – Franchise and Entrepreneur Portal – Over 200 Franchises to choose from on FranchiseExpo.com
10325 friends | 528 updates | 7 memberships
11. blogworld
Blog World Expo | ÜT: 33.674508,-117.255275
Tweets from Blogworld & New Media Expo, and its founder Rick Calvert
8589 friends | 3725 updates | 199 memberships
12. socialmediaweek
Social Media Week | New York
Social Media Week is a annual conference that is designed to identify and advance social media practices and policy in corporate, public and non-profit sectors.
10571 friends | 224 updates | 140 memberships
13. googleio
Google I/O | San Francisco, CA
Google’s largest developer event on May 19-20th, 2010 at Moscone West, San Francisco
96 friends | 288 updates | 465 memberships
14. affiliatesummit
Affiliate Summit | NJ
The premier affiliate marketing conference since 2003.
9598 friends | 906 updates | 72 memberships
15. e3expo
E3 Expo | Los Angeles, CA
The Official 2009 Electronic Entertainment Expo Twitter
4887 friends | 468 updates | 221 memberships
16. oppgreen
Opportunity Green | Los Angeles
Opportunity Green inspires a collaborative culture of new & unconventional ideas. Opportunity Green at UCLA, Nov 7-8 – The Premier Green Event Driving Change
7470 friends | 2914 updates | 116 memberships
17. adtech
ad:tech | iPhone: 41.888531,-87.613692
ad:tech is a digital marketing conference and exhibition where brands, agencies and publishers gather to learn, explore and meet up with friends and colleagues.
964 friends | 443 updates | 127 memberships
18. womenoffaith
Women of Faith |
Women of Faith encourages women of all ages and stages in life by offering events, materials, and online resources.
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20. cop15
UN Climate Change 09 | Copenhagen, Denmark
United Nations Climate Change Conference 2009 in Copenhagen (COP15), brought to you by the Ministry of Foreign Affairs of Denmark
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21. ted2009
ted2009 | Long Beach, Palm Springs
News and talks from TED2009. For all TEDTalks news, follow @TEDTalks.
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22. TheNewMediaExpo
The New Media Expo | Las Vegas, NV, October 15-17,
Tweets from Blogworld & New Media Expo, and its founder Rick Calvert follow @blogworld too. we update more often there
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23. burningman
Burning Man | San Francisco, CA
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24. web2summit
web2summit | san francisco, ca
The Twitter account of Web 2.0 Summit – the annual gathering of key insiders who leverage technology and the web to change the way we live and work.
6477 friends | 604 updates | 113 memberships
TWTRCON | ÜT: 40.756356,-73.990316
Twitter Conference for Business | Grand Hyatt Washington DC | Oct 22 2009
6727 friends | 1507 updates | 64 memberships
26. soundwavefest
Soundwave Festival | Australia
Soundwave Festival Australia
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27. _defcon_
DEFCON | Las Vegas, NV
Hacking Conference
2571 friends | 275 updates | 164 memberships
WOMMA | Chicago, IL
WOMMA is the leading voice for ethical and effective Word of Mouth and Social Media Marketing
2849 friends | 1845 updates | 128 memberships
29. SocialNetworkWF
Social NetworkingWF | World Wide
Event & Conference’s dedicated to social media : Social Networking, Social PR, Social TV, Enterprise 2.0, Social Politics www.sixdegs.com
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30. SonarFestival
Advanced Music | Barcelona, Spain
Festival of Advanced Music and Multimedia Art – June 18.19.20, 2009
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31. atpfestival
ATP Festival | London
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32. BlackHatEvents
Black Hat Briefings | Seattle, USA
The World’s Premier Technical Security Conference
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33. thewomensconf
thewomensconf | Los Angeles
The Women’s Conference – The Nation’s Premier Forum for Women. We empower women to be Architects of Change.
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34. stARTconference
stARTconference | DUISBURG
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35. intlCES
intlCES | Arlington, VA
Jan. 7-10, 2010, CESweb.org, produced by @ceafeed
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36. sydney_festival
Sydney Festival | Sydney
Sydney. January 9 – 30. Music, theatre, dance, visual arts, ideas, free and family events including Festival First Night. It’s big. This is our city in summer.
1009 friends | 657 updates | 70 memberships
37. cloudforum
Cloud Interop Forum | World Wide Web
The Cloud Computing Interoperability Forum (created by @ruv)
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38. NHLtweetup
NHLtweetup | Anywhere hockey fans are!
This Twitter account sends out updates regarding official NHLTweetup events. (updates by: @dani3boyz) *not NHL affiliated
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39. austintweetups
AustinTweetup.com | Austin, Texas
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40. ixda
ixda | Everywhere you are
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41. PDC09
Microsoft PDC | Redmond, WA
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42. women2
Women 2.0 | San Francisco, CA
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43. 140tc
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44. BostonTweetUp
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45. NewMediaExpo
New Media Expo | October 15-17, 2009, Las Vegas
The New Media Expo is an annual convention that educates individuals and companies about how to produce high-quality audio and video digital content.
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46. 140Conf
140 Characters Conf | NYC, Los Angeles and London
Upcoming #140conf Events: Oct 27/28 LA; Nov 17 London. Dec 6th Tel Aviv. Produced by @jeffpulver
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47. sofresh
Social Fresh | Charlotte, NC
Social Media Conference – Serious Business contact @jakrose for details
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48. etech
ETech Conference | San Jose, CA
O’Reilly’s Emerging Technology Conference
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49. newmomexpo
New Mom Expo | Anaheim, CA
A one day event for expectant, new and young families – Resources for everyday
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50. BookExpoAmerica
BookExpo America |

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51. rothbury
ROTHBURY Festival | ÜT: 39.720533,-105.003839
I am a American Festival established in 2008. Come visit me July 4th weekend in Rothbury, Michigan.
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52. sydfilmfest
Sydney Film Festival | Sydney, Australia
Sydney Film Festival 3 to 14 June 2009
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53. AnimeExpo
AnimeExpo | Southern California
USA’s largest Anime and Manga Convention! Please direct any question to our forum at http://forums.anime-expo.org/.
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54. makerfaire
Maker Faire | San Mateo, CA
Maker Faire Bay Area May 30-31
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55. sapteched
SAP TechEd | U.S., EMEA, India, China
Get great hands-on training and build real connections with SAP experts and community members! (Use hashtag #sapteched09)
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56. iPhoneDevCamp
iPhoneDevCamp | San Francisco, CA
A worldwide community of developers for iPhone and iPod touch.
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57. affsum
Affiliate Summit | Berkeley Heights, NJ
The premier affiliate marketing conference.
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RailsConf | Las Vegas, NV

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59. JavaOneConf
JavaOne Conference | San Francisco
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60. womenhealthexpo
Women’s Health Expo | New York
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100. NCVS
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Five Essential Twitter Lists For Every Event

By tony | 2 Comments

We love the new twitter lists feature! They make it easier to follow conversations, to share accounts that you’ve curated, and to help people discover new accounts. So we were wondering how events are going to use them. We’re literally on day one of this feature, but there are five obvious lists that every event should make:

1. List of staff
Almost all events have multiple staff members on Twitter, or separate, but related, corporate accounts. Make a list!

2. List of attendees
To make this list you’ll need to ask for Twitter name during registration. In the new world of social media, self-promotion starts by promoting other people. Who better than your attendees? This will help other attendees discover each other and strengthen your event community. If you forgot to ask for Twitter name during registration you can export them out of CrowdVine (Admin -> Reports -> All Users).

3. List of sponsors
Wait, not all of your sponsors have Twitter accounts? Are you sure you want to be associated with these dinosaurs? For the ones that do, this is a quick way to help promote your sponsors.

4. List of speakers
You paid your keynote speaker top dollar to show up, but every other speaker is coming for visibility. This is one way for you to promote them and make their trip worthwhile. Plus, once you have this list, you can refer back to it in order to find posts to retweet.

5. List things to do around town
I have this friend, a totally devoted family man, who treats events like a jailbreak. There are no kids or responsibilities, so he’s free to go out to see live music. I know he’s not alone–many attendees want to explore the town. Work with your convention center or hotel to find local twitter accounts for event listings, roving taco/ice-cream trucks, and restaurants.

If you want to see some examples of lists, check out the ones we’re curating: Conference Tools, Great Events, Event Industry Leaders.