Messaging 3.0

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We’ve improved our messaging features today for all conferences with two new features. These have both been in testing with a handful of conferences and have been extremely helpful.

Speaker Messages
Speakers now have the ability to send a message out to all of the attendees of their talk. We’ve seen speakers use this to share additional information post-event, to give prep materials before the event, and to prompt discussion.

This was our most requested feature by attendees. Previously, private messages from CrowdVine were delivered just via email to people’s email inboxes.

For the most part, this was a convenience that let people participate in the conference networking without having to check CrowdVine every day. However, as networks have gotten more active, many attendees are sending and receiving so many messages that they wanted a separate way to check just their conference messages.

Now they can, through the messages tab on their profile.

These two upgrades join our existing messaging features, email blasts from conference organizers and meeting requests, to make your conference a powerful networking experience.

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