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CrowdVine is now available as a 30 day trial, no fees or downloads required. That means you can test things out before making any sort of commitment, and more importantly, you can see what event community software looks like without ever having to talk to a sales person.

Start a free trial now.

This is a follow-up to last week’s post on transparent pricing. I had several suppliers comment on that post about how valuable sales people are. Not surprisingly, I’ve never heard an event organizer tell me how much they loved sales people.

On the one hand, I hate talking to a salesperson to get basic information. I don’t want to build that type of company. On the other hand, I love talking to customers. I get that this is a relationship business and events need to know that new services aren’t going to blow up at the wrong time.

Even though we’re making it as easy as possible for you to get basic information, we’re still going to leave our phone number on the website. If you want to get a demo, if you want to get specific questions answered, if you would rather have our experts setup and manage your event community, then contact us. Just know that we won’t have a salesperson on the other end.

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