Twitter Auth vs. Facebook Connect vs. OpenID for Conference Attendees

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In August, we launched support for Twitter Auth and Facebook Connect, which means that attendees can use their Twitter of Facebook account to login, rather than creating yet another password. We also already had the option of logging in with OpenID. Now that we have three options, I wanted to look at which was the most popular. Twitter wins, barely, with Facebook close behind.


Five percent of attendees are logging in with Twitter, four percent with Facebook Connect, and one percent with OpenID. I’ve written before that I thought OpenID adoption was disappointing, and afterward I wondered if people were just more comfortable with usernames and passwords. These numbers are much more encouraging (although we shouldn’t ignore that the majority, 90%, are logging in the old-fashioned way).

One big benefit that Twitter and Facebook have is that they give us access to the attendee’s profile photo, and, more importantly, to their list of friends so that we can show who they know at the conference.

If you want to know more about how CrowdVine connects to social networks (this is just the tip of the iceberg), sign up for a demo.

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