Hard to Beat

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I don’t think I did enough to highlight this quote from a conference we did last fall for the Association of Learning and Technology.

“The ALT-C 2008 social network was delivered using CrowdVine and was, by all accounts, very successful. Having been involved with a few different approaches to this kind of thing, I think CrowdVine offers a range of functionality that is hard to beat. At the time of writing, over 440 of the conference’s 500+ delegates had signed up to CrowdVine! This is a very big proportion, certainly in my experience. But it’s not just about the number of sign-ups… it’s the fact that CrowdVine was actively used to manage people’s schedules, engage in debates (before, during and after the conference) and make contacts that is important.”
Andy Powell

Seventy-three percent of delegates participated, and by participate we mean dove in with both feet. Since then we’ve been having a lot of success with conferences that were using our networks to push a learning agenda. In this economy, taking a few simple steps, like adding a social network, can make the value of your own event hard to beat.

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